We specialise in the design and manufacture of sensors that can accurately detect the presence of alcohol on a person’s breath. We are proud that our sensors are used in combating drink driving and other unwanted instances of alcohol impairment across the world.


Alcohol Breath Testers - Fuel Cell Sensors

Alcohol Breath Testers

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here at Fuel Cell Sensors we design, develop and manufacture sensors to detect alcohol on a persons breath when used with alcohol breath testers, technology that will help to save lives across the world. Stopping people from driving cars when their judgement is impaired from drinking, allowing police officers to have technology at their fingertips which will inform them if someone is over the limit.

Alcohol breath testers are found in many different applications where people who have been using alcohol may be a risk to themselves or others if they were using machinery or driving a car. Our fuel cell sensors can be used in the most advanced of alcohol breath testers to provide one of the most accurate results possible.

Our fuel cell sensors are designed to meet the needs of alcohol breath testers so you can rest assured that our components will meet and exceed your requirements and with a price you will find extremely competitive.


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