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Quad Cell

Quad Cell

The Quad Cell: Leading Edge Technology for a High Technology Industry

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our Quad range of sensor arrays. Now I know that the picture doesn’t look like much, but it is what is inside that is so exciting. Now we can’t say too much on this website about what is actually inside, but the performance of this little beauty is quite astounding.

The output voltage peaks at twice that of a standard cell and does so in 5 seconds, which is half the time taken by a standard cell to peak. It actually passes the peak output of a standard cell in under 2 seconds. If you are looking for a fast operating sensor then this is the one. It is also available for measuring in current mode as well as voltage and speed of response is then less than 1 second.

Obviously we can design this array into just about any form factor that is currently in existence. We can also design a new form factor to meet your needs. This can be either a cold analyser or incorporating a heating element.

With this level of performance you would obviously expect to pay a premium price, but you would be wrong. You already know we offer great prices because we are a compact organisation. Those same low overheads mean that it is possible that we could offer you the Quad Cell for less than you are currently paying for standard cells from other suppliers.

If you are thinking of developing a new analyser then you will want it to be the fastest and most accurate on the market. The Quad Cell may just give you the edge that you are looking for. But be quick. This little beauty will not stay a secret for long. Give our Chief Design Engineer a call to see how you could incorporate the quad into your designs.