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OEM Replacement Electrodes

OEM Replacement Cells

We currently offer 15 different case shapes with 7 different electrodes in our Standard Cell range. But for some clients even this is not enough. Some want long leads and others short; some want longer flow pipes or just the pipe and connectors moved slightly to meet their designs.

If you need something a little out of the ordinary then you will want to know about our OEM Replacement Cell service, where our replacement cells are manufactured to meet your specifications.

pic3Once we have your design finalised our call off service means that we can deliver small orders of up to 600 Sensor Cells within 5 working days. We can achieve this because we are a compact manufacturing facility. We are not some monolithic corporation that churns out components for our own products and then sells on the surplus to others. We are a compact manufacturing facility that focuses on designing and developing cutting edge sensor arrays.

You get a dedicated team whose only purpose is to design and manufacture a sensor to meet your specific requirements. If you need an electrode with characteristics that are different to what we currently offer we can work with you to design it on your behalf. Because of our unique situation there is also a possibility of getting a government grant to offset some of the costs.

So whether you are looking for a new supplier for an existing sensor array; or to develop a new analyser make sure that you give us an opportunity to demonstrate to you why our existing customers have made us their supplier of choice. Call today for a no–obligation chat with our Chief Design Engineer.

P.S. Did we mention that our prices are also up to 20% less than our competitors?