Transdermal Alcohol Devices

Transdermal Alcohol Devices

Are you interested in sensors that can accurately detect alcohol on the skin or breath and measure it? Then Transdermal Alcohol Devices are what you are looking for.

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Transdermal alcohol devices are very rarely used but are a very effective way of measuring alcohol levels in a persons sweat. This is a very non-traditional manner of sampling .

It is reported that 1% of any alcohol consumed is lost as vapour though the skin, but the concentration of alcohol on the surface of your skin represents the concentration of alcohol in your blood. (Robert Swift, M.D, Ph. D.)

If you are interested in transdermal alcohol devices then Fuel Cell Sensors is your flexible, alternative source for sensors and can help create custom designed fuel cell sensors using the best possible technology ensuring the most accurate readings.

Our speciality is the design and manufacture of sensors that can accurately detect alcohol on the skin or on the breath and measure it, allowing you to assess if someone is fit to drive or operate heavy machinery.

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